The Best Scoreboards for Your School or League

If you are in charge of an amateur sports league or a director of athletics at a school, you will want to make sure that everyone watching the games, as well as the players and coaches, is able to keep track of the score and the stats.

video scoreboard

With advancements in technology, there are many options that one has when deciding on a scoreboard.  Which direction you go will be decided largely on budget, and you will get what you pay for, so making the right choice is important.

Classic Manual Boards

If you’re running a small league and do not have a whole lot of money to spend, you might consider going with the old fashioned manual scoreboard.  Of course, these boards will provide a whole bunch of limitations, and they are definitely not suggested for sports like basketball where there is a lot of scoring.

Still, if you want to save some money, this is definitely an option.

Basic LED Scoreboards

This gives you a more advanced option that is easier to use while also not costing you an arm and a leg.  You can generally control it manually from a scorers’ table.  These displays will light up so that everyone can see the score even during night games.

This is probably the best middle-of-the-road option for those who still want a professional looking scoreboard without all the extras.

Video Boards

The video scoreboard is far more accessible than ever before.  Because of the rise in high definition video technology and the lowering of its price, most leagues and schools should now be able to afford video boards.

These boards will bring the game to life, even allowing you to switch between score and stats and stream replays during the games.

Responsible Gun Ownership Guide

Whether you are a long time gun owner or have only recently been considering becoming one, there are a lot of ways that you should go about said gun ownership in a safe and responsible way. The reasons for which you own a firearm can differ from person to person. Each individual gun owner has a specific reason that they choose to arm themselves, whether it is for sport, home defense, or self-defense. No matter the reason, however, there are some very basic rules to follow to ensure that you and your family know how to responsibly use and store firearms.

If you own a firearm solely for the purpose of hunting or other sporting activities, you should store your gun in an area that is relatively inaccessible to anybody you would not want handling the firearm. There are secure gun safes made in the USA that will ensure that your gun is only attainable by the people you want to be using it. When you store your gun in a safe, you should also make sure that it isn’t loaded. Be sure to remove the magazine, as well as check the chamber to see if a round is still in it. Most gun owners even go the extra mile of disassembling their firearm before storing it.

gun safes made in the USA

Although, the principle is basically the same, storage is different if you use your firearm for self-defense. If you tend to keep your gun next to you as you sleep in the case of a burglary or any other kind of home invasion, you should store your gun in a locked safe in an easy to reach spot by your bed. Make sure that you are the only one with a key or combination to unlock the safe because you will need to store the gun loaded and ready to use in case of an emergency.