Breeding A Champion Horse With A Little More Help From Nature

horse vitamins and minerals

Even if you were just an old stable hand, you would have that desire in mind. You would want that magnificent beast in your custody to be of fine fettle, equal to becoming a championship caliber horse someday. But the work is hard. It just never stops. If horses could talk, the question would be asked; are you talking to me. Because, yes, the work of the horse is hard, even on the best of occasions, even when just saddling up and taking master or mistress out for a ride in the countryside.

If it were not for the care and extra support given, one wonders how the stallion or filly could cope with the workload. A good old stable hand or master breeder continues to do sterling work to ensure that all equine stock in his custody is well spoken for. Stables are clean and comfortable to rest in. During the day, the horses have enough pasture land in which to roam and stretch their legs. And when they return to their stables, more than enough healthy food is waiting for them.

The horses are also well groomed and there is one very important task that is never forgotten. Horses’ shoes have to be checked on a regular basis. Shoes need to be changed regularly, given the length of time the horse spends on its feet and given the surfaces it has to cover. To help matters along, going some way towards producing a champion stallion or filly, is a regular serving of specially prepared horse vitamins and minerals.

These natural supplements are usually mixed into the horse’s favorite treat of natural and healthy oats. Not that it would matter, the animal would hardly notice that it is chomping on such goodness.